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together AG (referred to as "we") attaches great importance to protecting your data and safeguarding your privacy. In this statement, we would therefore like to inform you about the collection and use of individual data about personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person ("personal data").

This privacy policy applies to the domains www.together.ch and www.talendo.ch and their subdomains in the format subdomain.together.ch and subdomain.talendo.ch.

Changes to this privacy policy apply from the time of their publication on our website. The processing of personal data collected under an older privacy policy will be carried out in accordance with this privacy policy. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time and to inform customers, partners and users about the changes in an appropriate manner.

Information about the responsible person

Responsible and contact person

The data controller with respect to those personal data that you send to us through the website is:

together AG
Poststrasse 18
PO Box 2150
9100 St. Gallen


If you have any questions or communications concerning your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us as follows:

Information on data processing


We process your personal data only within the framework of data processing principles and if a legal basis exists for doing so. The processing of your personal data on the website takes place exclusively in the following factual contexts:

  • an inquiry, order, or use of a system service (platform services) initiated by you;
  • for error correction or improvement of our Internet presence;
  • for internal statistical purposes;
  • for research purposes as part of our partner programs with public authorities and educational institutions, whereby your personal data is pseudonymized for this purpose; the recipients of the data only receive the data under the pseudonym, while the decryption values are stored separately by us. The recipients in the research sphere therefore cannot identify you based on the data we provide (de facto anonymization).

In the course of a website visit, we also collect the following necessary data:

  • All information that you explicitly provide in the context of an inquiry in the contact form or an e-mail (name, address, age, gender, contact details, texts, photos, images, etc.).
  • IP address and referrer URL (the previously visited page);
  • Browser version and browser type used;
  • Date & time of the visit or request;
  • Operating system;
  • Provider.

Cookies, which we use on our website, can be found at the end of this privacy policy under the title IV "Information on the use of cookies".

We do not create any personal profiles on the website and only collect or process particularly sensitive personal data (for example religious, political, or ideological views, state of health, etc.) except for, and exclusively limited to instances of contractual or legal obligations.

Conclusion, execution, or termination of the platform usage agreement

We regard our provision of services as an innovative job placement platform. Our declared goal is to be able to offer every user the jobs that are perfectly suited to them. If you register on our platform, we use your data to fulfill this purpose, namely to be able to offer you jobs that match your requirements profile as well as your perceived personal interests and needs as precisely as possible and accordingly not to waste your time with irrelevant job offers. For this purpose, we categorize and add further information to your user account. To this end, we use statistical information as well as information about you (for example basic data from your user account) as well as publicly available data about you to increase the placement rate. In this context, we process the data required for the conclusion, execution, or termination of the platform usage agreement. This includes in particular:

  • E-mail address;
  • Contact details;
  • First name, last name;
  • the data transmitted or entered by yourself and generated by the use of our offer, such as, for example, the qualifications, professional experience, preferences, publicly accessible profiles, etc. indicated by you;
  • publicly available data about you;
  • data generated through your use of the platform;
  • data generated through interactions with your platform profile.

Data processing for the transmission of vacant job offers

We use the data from your user profile to be able to offer you job offers that are as attractive as possible and correspond to your actual or perceived personal interests and/or needs, without wasting your time with unsuitable offers. As soon as a new vacant position is published on our platform, we process the following data in accordance with the platform user agreement to check whether the position matches your requirement profile:

  • all data that you yourself have submitted or entered for this purpose, such as qualifications, work experience, preferences, etc. that you have indicated;
  • publicly available data about you
  • data generated through your use of the platform;
  • data generated through interactions with your platform profile (including data generated from applications.)

If the matching process described above shows that you are likely to be interested in the vacancy, we will use your email address, and contact information, or contact you via our platform to make you aware of this vacancy. You can revoke your consent to the processing as described above at any time with immediate effect. To do so, either use the unsubscribe button in the email sent to you or send us a short message via email to the email address provided in item 1. Please note that in the event of revocation, you may no longer be able to full use our provision of services.

Disclosure to third parties


Your data will not be passed to third parties without your express consent. Exceptions to this are our service partners that we need to process the contractual relationship (for example financial institutions to process payments, the postal service, courier services or freight forwarders for the shipment of items, cloud services to provide and guarantee the digital infrastructure, etc.). In these cases, we comply strictly with the requirements of the applicable data protection laws. The scope of data transfer is limited to a minimum.

The use of service partners in countries other than Switzerland or the member states of the European Economic Area is only an option for us if the country in question either has an equivalent level of data protection according to the Federal Council's list of countries, or we can contractually ensure the equivalence of the level of protection (for example through contracts or the conclusion of so-called standard contractual clauses).

Data from your user profile

Your data can only be sent to a company by you yourself. Otherwise, general profile data and profile content will not be published on the platform. Your data is therefore not visible to third parties, regardless of whether these third parties have a platform login or not.

Even if a company uses the platform's active sourcing technology to find suitable candidates for a position, the company only receives general raw data from which it cannot identify you. Data is only released to the company if you have expressly consented to this.


For the processing of service, support, and other user requests as well as for the sending of confirmation emails, e.g. for new registrations on our platform, we use the mailing tool MailChimp, a service of the list provider The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 512 Means St., Suite 404 Atlanta, GA 30318, USA ("MailChimp"). When registering for our platform, the procedure referred to as the double opt-in procedure is used, in other words, you will receive an email after registration in which you must explicitly re-confirm your registration. Only then will your account be activated for you. In this case, and for the purpose of targeting job offers to our users, the following data is processed via MailChimp's servers:

  • The data you entered;
  • Name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Browser information;
  • IP address;
  • Data about interactions with emails from us.

MailChimp provides its services via servers located in the USA. To ensure the equivalent level of protection with the data protection regulations in Switzerland, we have concluded order processing agreements and EU standard contractual clauses with MailChimp.

Messages, notifications and updates

Communication for advertising purposes: If there is a corresponding basis under data protection law (use of a paid service or corresponding consent), we use your contact data to inform you about similar offers by e-mail, as well as for marketing and optimization purposes, which enable us to offer you improved services and customer service, for statistical purposes, and to further optimize our offers (newsletter).

You can object to receiving the newsletter at any time. This can be done by sending an e-mail to support@talendo.ch or by using the link at the end of the newsletter.

When sending newsletters, we use established tools from recognized providers. Compliance with data protection requirements is ensured via order processing contracts.

Communications for information, and other purposes: We will send you communications that are required or necessary for all customers, notices that contain important information, and other communications that you request from us. You may not opt out of these communications. However, you may be able to customize the media and format whereby you receive the notifications.

Transmission of personal data

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, electronic communication shall take place via non-encrypted e-mails. The use of e-mails is not technically secure; e-mails may sometimes not be delivered. When e-mails are sent, they may leave national borders, even if the sender and recipient are in Germany. The confidentiality of e-mails cannot be guaranteed if encryption is absent or insufficient.

Even when using forms available on our website, only the transmission of your message from your computer to the web server is encrypted.

By using the forms or sending an e-mail, you consent to communication via e-mail in the knowledge of the risks described. The use of encrypted or otherwise secured communication channels must be agreed with us in advance.

Retention of your personal data

Server locations

Our website is hosted by Google LLC on servers in the European Economic Area (EEA). The servers are shielded against unauthorized third-party access as far as possible. Backups are made regularly to prevent data loss as far as possible.

Regarding your personal data, which we collect directly, this is stored on our own servers as well as on virtual servers of a reputable cloud provider with a storage location in Switzerland or the European Economic Area. The servers are shielded as far as possible against unauthorized third-party access. Backups are made regularly to prevent data loss to the maximum extent possible.

Retention period

We retain your data only as long as it is legally necessary, or according to the purpose of processing. In the case of analyses, we store your data until the analysis is completed. If we store data on the basis of a contractual relationship with you, this data will remain stored at least as long as the contractual relationship exists and at the longest as long as limitation periods for possible claims by us run, or legal or contractual retention obligations exist. As a rule, the retention period does not exceed 10 years (calculated from the termination of the contractual or de facto relationship with you).

Your rights


In principle, you have the rights to information, correction, deletion, restriction, transfer, revocation, and objection as well as, if applicable, complaint.

Data from young people under 16

According to general requirements of data protection law, young people under the age of 16 cannot give consent to the processing of their personal data. However, for the use of certain services on our website and platforms, the existence of consent is required.

Our website is generally not aimed at young people under the age of 16. Insofar as this data protection declaration refers to consent or makes reference to such consent, this always includes the consent of the parents or legal representative, insofar as this is necessary. In principle, we assume the consent of the legal representative, insofar as a young person interacts with us. This principle applies until we are informed otherwise by the legal representative, or if we must assume, due to other circumstances that a young person is acting without the consent of the legal representative. As the legal representative of juveniles, we will treat the legal representative as if the young person were exercising his or her own rights with respect to the exercise of privacy-related choices. This applies until the young person reaches the age of 16, from which point we give priority to the adolescent's voting rights to the extent permitted by law in the event of a conflict (and so long as it does not involve the purchase of a service for valuable consideration).

Information, correction, transfer

You have the right to free access to information about your stored data and the right to correction at any time. Please contact us should you wish to obtain this information. You will find our contact details under item 1 of this privacy policy.

You also have the right to request the transfer of your personal data held electronically to another data controller free of charge. Please note, however, that we cannot adapt your data to any special format requirements of another controller and that we will not transfer your transaction history or passwords under any circumstances.

Revocation and deletion

You can revoke your consent to the processing of your data by us in accordance with data protection law at any time and request the deletion of your personal data. Please contact us should you wish to invoke this entitlement. You will find our contact details under item 1 of this data protection declaration.

In the event of a deletion request, we will suspend and block your profile. Please note, however, that we are required by commercial and tax law, for example, to retain accounting records for at least 10 fiscal years. We can therefore neither delete nor process the personal data contained in these records. To this extent, your revocation or deletion request therefore only applies to future processing and only to personal data that we do not process on the basis of a legal justification, but exclusively on the basis of your consent.

If a contractual relationship is still pending at the time of receipt of your revocation and deletion request, your personal data will continue to be processed until the contract has been fully processed. Your revocation under data protection law expressly has no influence on the processing of existing contractual relationships and is not considered an exceptional reason for termination.

Complaint to a regulatory authority

With the entry into force of the revised Data Processing Act (expected on September 1, 2023), you have a right of appeal to the competent supervisory authority governing the registered office of the controller if you believe that we have violated a provision of the Data Processing Act.

The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (www.edoeb.admin.ch) is responsible for managing complaints from data subjects.

Information on the use of cookies

In this section, we would like to inform you about how and for what purpose we use cookies on our website and provide you with information about how the respective cookies affect your personal data. Your rights according to heading III, above, naturally also apply with regard to the cookies described below.


General information about cookies

Cookies are small text files or pieces of information that are stored on your computer or mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet) when you use our services. A cookie usually contains the name of the website/app it came from, the duration of the cookie (i.e., how long the cookie will remain on your device), and a value, which is usually a randomly generated unique number.

We use cookies to make our services more user-friendly and to tailor our services and products to your interests and needs. Cookies are able to do this because our services can read these files. This enables our services to recognize you and remember important information that makes your use of our services more user-friendly (for example, by remembering preference settings). Cookies may also be used to help expedite your future activities and user experience with our services. We also use cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated statistics that enable us to understand how users use our Services and help us improve the structure and content of our digital media.

The maximum storage time of cookies after their initial placement on the user terminal is as required by the applicable law.

Types of cookies

The types of cookies we use are resident cookies, session cookies, first party cookies, and third party cookies.

Resident cookies are used to store your login information and remember your settings for future logins to our services. A resident cookie is a cookie that is stored as a file on your computer and remains there when you close your web browser. The cookie can be read by the services that created it when you revisit those services.

Session ID cookies are used to enable certain features on our Services, to better understand how you interact with our Services, and to monitor aggregate user data and web traffic routing. Unlike resident cookies, session cookies are removed from your computer when you close your browser. Typically, session ID cookies store an anonymous session identifier on your computer that allows you to use a service without having to log in each time you click.

First party cookies are our own cookies that we use to improve your user experience. They are linked to a user's personal information. Third parties do not have access to the information we collect through our own cookies.

Third party cookies are cookies placed on our Services by third party companies to provide services, including advertising cookies. Third party companies place third party cookies on your device on our behalf when you visit our Services to enable those third party companies to perform the services they provide. In addition to what is discussed in this Privacy Policy, you can find more information about these third party cookies in the privacy policies of those third party companies.

Below is a list of the different types of cookies we use in our services.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies are cookies that are strictly necessary for our services to work and for us to use their features. Without such essential cookies, our Services would not operate as smoothly as you would like and we may not be able to provide the Website or certain services or features that you request.

We also use technical cookies that allow our services to remember choices you have made (such as your username, language, or the region you are in) for customization and personalization purposes. These cookies do not collect information about you that is used for advertising purposes, nor do they remember the web pages that you have visited.

The following first party cookies are set by us (all resident cookies):
Device Identifier Cookies: We install cookies on your computer that recognize you and tell the website or service that you are logged in.
User Local Cookies: We install cookies that are used to remember certain local selections you have made, such as language selection.
Privacy Visibility Cookies: We install cookies on your computer that indicate whether you have been informed by a banner message displayed about the use of cookies and the handling and your rights in relation to your data, and then whether you have given your consent to the use of cookies, so that the banner does not reappear each time you visit a page.

These cookies are necessary for the operation of our services, and therefore you cannot object to the use of these cookies.

Analytical cookies and cookies for marketing, profiling and retargeting

Kibana (resident third party cookies)

Our websites use Kibana for user analysis. Kibana is a proprietary tracking tool with which we record which keywords a user has searched for, which browser they use and which cookie ID a user has. The cookie ID is used to uniquely recognize the user and to be able to link the user's data. On the Internet, every device needs a unique address, the so-called IP address, to transmit data. The storage of the IP address, at least for a short time, is technically necessary due to the way the Internet works. The IP addresses are shortened by 1 byte before any processing and are only processed anonymously. No storage or further processing of the untruncated IP addresses takes place.

Kibana is a tracking and analytics service which is operated by Elasticsearch, Inc, 800 W. El Camino Real, Suite 350, Mountain View, CA 94040 USA. Data processing by Elsaticsearch takes place in the USA. We ensure the equivalent level of data protection by concluding EU standard contractual clauses and by limiting the transfer of data to the minimum necessary for the reasonable use of the services.