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Maximum benefit - your logo is directly linked to your company portrait and you job advertisements on talendo.ch

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Together with talendo.ch we are offering you five different new packages, with which you can position yourself for 12 months as an attractive employer in the largest job and careers portal for students, graduates and young professionals.

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Dr. Adrian Fischer
Director / Proprietor
+41 (0) 71 222 28 18

With around 85,000 registered users talendo.ch is the largest careers and jobs portal for students, graduates and young professionals in Switzerland

  • › 100 - 300 daily growth in users
  • › 2,000 - 4,000 daily users
  • › 55,000 active users per month
  • › 260,000 monthly page views
  • › 85,000 students email addresses
  • › 50,000 app downloads
Online main


Online stelleninserate

Job advertisements

It takes just a few minutes to get your advertisements for interns, trainees and entry level posts online. You will thus reach the best students, graduates and young professionals from all Swiss polytechnics and universities and find suitable candidates for your company.

  • Per position

    CHF 200.– / Month

    (exc. VAT)

  • Position package (3rd, 5th, 10th)

    CHF 560.– / 800.– / 1'400.–

    (exc. VAT)

  • Per position slot

    CHF 1'000.– / Year

    (exc. VAT)

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Online unternehmensportrait

Company portrait

Be visible to the best young talent, who you are – with targeted employer branding. Present your brand and your company from its best side, get notices and become a sought after employer by the 2000 to 4000 daily users.

  • Basic - your company in brief

    free of charge

  • Standard: Pictures and text

    CHF 500.– / Year

    (exc. VAT)

  • Plus: + Media Gallery, discussion partner and links

    CHF 1'500.– / Year

    (exc. VAT)

  • Premium: + greater reach

    CHF 2'500.– / Year

    (exc. VAT)

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Online targeted

Targeted E-Mail

Your message about your event or entry programme with the appropriate job advertisements will be positioned by being sent out exclusively by targeted email to your desired number of students, graduates and professionals.

  • Up to 5000 recipients

    CHF 2'000 –

    (exc. VAT)

  • Up to 7500 recipients

    CHF 3'000 –

    (exc. VAT)

  • Up to 10,000 recipients

    CHF 4'000.–

    (exc. VAT)

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Karriere magazin

Online career magazine

Place your content in the online career magazine: edited professionally your contributions to events or company insights will reach more than 85,000 interested users.

  • Publication of your contribution

    CHF 150.– / Contribution

    (exc. VAT)

  • Production and publication of a contribution

    CHF 250.– / Contribution

    (exc. VAT)

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Online events


Whether an in-house recruitment event, presence at a university or a careers fair: Many events for students, graduates and young professionals are advertised on talendo.ch. Do you run exciting internal or external career events? The advertise on talendo and give your event marketing that extra push with high quality registrations.

  • Pro Event

    CHF 500.– / Entry

    (exc. VAT)

  • Banner & Placements

    as from CHF 1'100.– / Month

    (exc. VAT)

  • Social Media Marketing

    as from CHF 500.–

    (exc. VAT)

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Doris Sultan

Senior Consultant


Sandro Meier



Dr. Adrian Fischer

Director / Proprietor

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