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Swiss-Chinese Career Symposium (E)

24 April 2020

Deadline: 15 November 2019

500 students, graduates & young professionals with a Swiss-Chinese background or affinity

StageOne, Zurich-Oerlikon

Recruitment Region: Switzerland

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  • Limited number of companies
  • Consideration in order of registration
  • Until deadline: Presence in all print marketing instruments

To register, please complete the following registration form on page 7/8 and send it to info@together.ch

Concept & Registration - PDF Download

Our Services - Your Benefits

Before the fair.

  • Marketing your enterprise to students
  • Professional handling of visitor registrations
  • Proactive preparation of interested visitors
  • Competent consulting for your presence

During the fair.

  • Targeted exhibitor-matching
  • Exciting background programme
  • Fair organisation

After the fair.

  • Newsletter to all visitors
  • Feedback (visitors / exhibitors)
  • Follow-up

Summarized Key Facts



Dr. Adrian Fischer
CEO / Founder
+41 (0) 71 222 28 18

The Swiss-Chinese Career Symposium (SCCS) will take place in Zurich-Oerlikon and is organized by the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Swiss- Chinese Association, and the together ag. The SCCS has the ambition to create a meeting platform for Chinese students & graduates finishing their bachelor, master or post-doc education at one of the leading Swiss universities, universities of applied sciences or business schools and looking for jobs in Switzerland or back in China, but also Swiss students & graduates interested in a career in a Swiss (European) company in China.

The goal of the Swiss-Chinese Career Symposium 2020 is to give 25 Swiss (European) companies with a presence in China and Chinese companies present in Switzerland the chance to position themselves as an attractive employer among 500 students & graduates of Swiss universities of applied sciences, universities and business schools as well as young professionals (up to 35 years old) with a Swiss-Chinese background or affinity.


500 students, graduates & young professionals with a Swiss-Chinese background or affinity and following nationality:

Swiss: 41%

China: 35%

EU: 18%

Other: 6%

Currently there are approximately 3'000 Chinese in Switzerland who have a higher education background:

  • More than 1'000 Chinese students are currently enrolled in the 12 universities like ETH and EPFL. Most of them will obtain a master or PhD degree when they graduate.
  • About 1'000 Chinese students are currently enrolled in Swiss universities of applied sciences and business schools.
  • About 1'000 have graduated from Swiss universities with a master or PhD title.

There is a growing number of Swiss students, graduates & young professionals who are interested to start their professional career in China.

Management and economics: 42 %

Engineering: 16 %

Mathematics and natural sciences: 9 %

Business informatics: 6 %

Computer science: 4 %

Other: 23 %

University of Zurich: 16 %

ETH Zurich: 13 %

EPFL – EPF Lausanne: 9 %

University of St. Gallen (HSG): 7 %

Other universities: 55 %


StageOne, Elias-Canetti-Strasse 146, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon

Opportunities To Participate

Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands

The available stands will be allocated according to the «first come, first served» principle. You can find the updated booth plan in the Concept & Registration.

  • Standing table (4m2)

    CHF 1,520.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

  • Basic Package (9 or 12m2)


    CHF 3,100.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

  • Premium Package (12, 15, 18 or 24m2)


    CHF 6,500.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

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Parallel to the exhibition, 30-minutes presentations will be held in separate seminar rooms (conference seating, about 30 seats, appropriate technical equipment). These talks allow companies to present themselves to students, graduates & young professionals as an attractive employer with interesting job opportunities.

  • Presentation

    CHF 800.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

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First round interviews


During 3 hours, you will have access to a closed interview box, which has been integrated into the fair. The students, graduates & young professionals have to apply before the fair for these interviews directly with you by e-mail. It is up to you to select and invite the applicants for a time slot.

  • First-Round-Interviews

    CHF 2,000.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

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Company catwalk

Company Catwalk

The Company Catwalk offers companies the opportunity to introduce themselves to interested students, graduates & young professionals during 1 minute in an informative and entertaining way.

  • Company Catwalk

    for free

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Fair guide

Fair guide

The guide is being printed with a circulation of 500 copies in A5 format and delivered personally to every fair visitor at the welcome desk of the together ag

  • Company profile: 1/2- / 1/1-sided

    CHF 750.– / 1,000.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

  • Ads: 1/2- / 1/1-sided
    (format: 148 x 105 mm / 148 x 210 mm)

    CHF 750.– / 1,000.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

  • Ads: Cover pages 2 and 3 / 4
    (format: 148 x 210 mm)

    CHF 1,500.– / 2,000.–

    Prices (VAT not included)

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Individual appearance

Exclusive presentation

Do you want to be a magnet at the fair and attract even more students & graduates to your stand? We can offer you this opportunity! Whether by offering vouchers for a CV photo, a coffee / sandwich from the catering area or a banner / video link in all our E-Mails (“Visit us at stand X”).

  • Image advert on admission ticket

  • Vouchers for CV photo

  • Vouchers for catering (coffee / sandwich)

  • Banner / video link in E-Mails

  • Price according to prior agreement

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Dr. Adrian Fischer

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